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Hello world!

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

This is my first post here, but I trust I’ll get to know my way round this blogging business soon enough, and that in no time at all, I’ll be churning out posts like billy-o.

My aim is to blog on whatever takes my fancy. I’ll try to keep off politics – not because I don’t have strong political opinions, but because I generally find that political discussion, especially on the net, tends to generate more heat than light. On other topics that interest me, I am more than happy to live up to my screen name – Argumentative Old Git.

I expect most of my blogs will be related to cultural matters – especially literature. I do, however, expect to post occasionally on other topics – music (lack of knowledge or understanding doesn’t appear to be a bar to anyone else on the blogosphere – so why should it stop me?); the visual arts (ditto); cinema, theatre, etc. My likes and dislikes, my various enthusiasms and blind spots and eccentricities, will all become clear, I think, in due time.

And I welcome argument. Not rudeness or name-calling or personal vituperation, of course – although I do appreciate that that sort of thing often passes for argument. I mean actually examining each other’s points, clarifying assumptions, agreeing on definitions – you know, that sort of thing.

A few biographical details: my name is Himadri Chatterjee; I am by profession an operational research analyst; I have recently turned 50, but still have my own hair and my own teeth; I live in the south of England with my wife and two teenage children; I was born in India of Indian parents, and have lived in Britain since I was 5; I grew up mainly in Scotland, and, for my sins, still cheer on their national football team; and, last but not least, I have a big, bushy beard.

That’s enough for an introduction, I think. Now comes the difficult bit…