HPV warts, anyone?

Hooray! I have received my first spam! It was automatically screened out, but, in these heady early days of the blog, all comments, even spam, are to be welcomed and read. And this one is a corker. Let me quote it in full:

Great stuff, thanks for another informative read, I enjoy returning to your blog via twitter to read your updates.You might know of someone with HPV warts, if you do please let them know they can get information and pictures of warts on my site.

Now, I am sure genital warts are a serious condition for whoever it is who suffers from them, and far be it from me to have a cheap laugh at their expense. And I do not doubt for a minute that providing pictures of and information on genital warts is of inestimable public benefit. I am not, I confess, at all sure what relevance these pictures and information have to my posts on Shakespeare and on Mozart, but it is, at least, heartening to know that this said provider of pictures and of information enjoys returning to my blog via Twitter to read my updates. Sir or Madam, whoever you are, I trust you will return frequently to enjoy further posts!


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