Ribble Valley, Christmas Eve, 2010

Not about books this time, nor even a rant: merely some pictures I took with my digital camera on Christmas Eve, 2010, in the Ribble valley in Lancashire.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Gorgeous photographs! And, inspired by your blog, I am about to read Dostoevsky’s ‘The Double’, having not tackled this great Russian since 1987!


  2. What lovely photos, Himadri! Beautiful landscape and trees…magical skies and snow-light. And horses too! (Lots of my favourite things all together in those scenes!) What a magical place to spend Christmas!



  3. It is indeed a very beautiful part of the country, but then again, it’s hard to find a part of the British countryside that isn’t beautiful. It’s difficult taking pictures though, because, while there are some features in the distance that are notable (e.g. Pendle Hill, famous, of course, for its witches) there isn’t much in those open moorlands that you can place in the foreground. At least, someone like myself who does no more than snap away with a cheapish digital camera finds it difficult. The unexpected presence of the horses was a boon.

    I’ve often thought, by the way, what a wonderful setting this would be for a creepy ghost story!


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