Anyone fancy a pint?

I thought that, just for one post at least, I’ll take the advice of WordPress and post a few pictures for a change. So, here are a few pictures of my local pub.

(Obviously, these were taken at different times of the year, and in different lights. Monet had his Rouen Cathedral, I have my local pub…)


PS (added 3rd December 2011): And here’s one of me in the pub (not the one above, but a nearby one) being, apparently, my usual argumentative self:

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  1. Thanks for the link. I have reciprocated by adding your link to my blogroll.

    My local is the British Legion – an organisation I have nothing to do with otherwise


    • Thanks for that, Tom. Once again, I apologise for the delay in replying, but I really have been tied up these last few weeks: sadly employers actually want you to work for your salary these days! 🙂


  2. Ah, ah, you’re so funny. That really made me laugh.

    Do the WP guys know that you’re the kind of freak who reads books without pictures? They might recommend therapy if they knew.

    PS: nice pub.
    PPS: the WP guys’ ideas for new posts when I publish something are sometimes hilarious. Shall we start a best of?


    • Hello Emma, given my tendency to ramble (the problem is – I rather like rambling!) I thought it amusing that WordPress is advising me to write shorter posts. Are these pieces of advice specifically targeted? They’re more likely, I think, to be random, but they certainly hit the mark here! 🙂

      And yes, it’s a delightful riverside pub. There are several lovely pubs like this dotted along teh banks of the Thames once you get outside London.


  3. Delightful. Looks like quite a lovely place. Can we get one with you in it, a book in one hand and pint in the other?


    • Yes, it is a lovely place. In winter months, they have a real fire. One Christmas about a couple of years ago, I spent a delightful afternoon sitting next to the fire with a drink, and reading A Christmas Carol. I think I’ll do the same this year.

      I don’t have the kind of picture you asked for, but I’ve added a picture in the post above that was snapped by a friend last night of me in a pub (not this one), apparently in full flow being my usual argumentative self.

      Cheers, Himadri


      • Great photo – and quite a pleasant plan for Christmas (and an enviable one too, for those of us who live in temperate Northern California and have to drive a couple of hours to get any sense of its being winter).

  4. Thanks: That’s one of the things I miss–pub culture. It’s not the same here although there are pocket communities of British ex-pats who’ve managed to create pubs with dart teams etc.


  5. I’d like to sit and have a chat with you at your pub one day, H. You never know… 😉


  6. Guy, Eric (if I may answer both of you together) – the “pub culture” is one of the things I enjoy most about Britain: convivial conversation with friends over a few drinks – what could be more delightful? I find the question “Do you fancy a pint?” almost impossible to say “no” to!


  7. Oh, your photos made me so homesick… A long time ago I worked nearby and sometimes, in the summer, we spent our lunches sat outside at your pub, watching the boats go by… Staffordshire has its good points, but the Anker, the Tame and various canals are not a patch on the Thames and the pubs overlooking the river…


    • Hello Chris,

      Yes, I can understand your nostalgia for the Thames-side pubs, although you must admit that you can’t complain about the quality of beer up where you are! Perhaps the most spectacularly sited pub I’ve ever been in was one at the foot of a mountain in Skye. A very friendly place it was, too.


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