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On copinautes and other matters

There will be some fun and games in LitBlogLand this Christmas.

Firstly, there’s a celebration of Dickens this Christmas (see here and here), kindly organized by Delia at the blog Postcards from Asia, and by Caroline at the intriguingly named blog Beauty is a Sleeping Cat. There are quite a few points in all that, which I won’t bother to summarise (it’s much easier clicking on the links above!) – but amongst other things, I have signed up to write a post about any book by Dickens, or to do with Dickens; and also write a review of a film based on a work by Dickens. A pleasure. Somehow, this season seems made for this writer: some time over the next week or two, I shall find an afternoon to sit by the open fire in my local pub with a drink in hand, and read A Christmas Carol. There really isn’t a better Christmas treat.

Meanwhile, over at Guy’s blog (His Futile Preoccupations) and at Emma’s blog (Book Around the Corner), there’s another fun idea: “copinautes”. (Emma explains here what this means.) Once again, without going into details, I am to make a virtual Christmas present of two books to a fellow book blogger – in my case, Brian Joseph of Babbling Books. And he has similarly to make a virtual present of two books to me. And we have undertaken to read these books over the course of the coming year – and, presumably, to comment on them. Meanwhile, both Guy and Emma will be making virtual presents to each of us. The titles will, I believe, appear on our respective blogs on Christmas Day. And, since I have no intention of logging in on that day, I shall have to use the facility developed by those lovely people at WordPress, whereby one may publish posts at a specified date and time. I hope it works!

In the words of Joe Gargery – what larks!