A brand makeover

This blog has been going now for over 4 years, and, over this time, I suppose it has, as it were, established itself as a “brand” of sorts. However, a friend of mine has urged me (see the comments section of this post) to rethink my tag-line. Since its inception, this blog has had the tagline “Because I’m Worth It” – an ironic reference to the advertising slogan used by the cosmetics company L’Oréal, but which can easily be mistaken by those who do not recognise this reference, and, hence, the underlying irony, as indicative not merely of egotism on my part, but of egomania. Not that I am entirely free of either, of course, but I think the time has come for a change. So I am happy to accept Alan’s suggestion (made over a few pints last week), and change it, as you can see, to “Avuncular Musings”. A bit of a brand makeover, if you like.


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  1. Does this mean that the delightful Jennifer Anniston (and I mean very delighful–have you seen ‘We’re the Millers’?–will now have to change her line; y’see, ‘L’Oreal: Because I’m musing in a manner avuncular’ just doesn’t trip off the tongue in the same way.

    Unless she’s repeating the stripping scene from the said movie and then it doesn’t matter.

    Apologies for lowering the tone!



  2. I didn’t know the reference but I always assumed it was tongue-in-cheek; still, this new tagline is just as good.


  3. I knew the reference (well I’m French and female, so I guess it helps) and I really liked you were cheeky enough to use this slogan for superficial products on your not-superficial blog. Parce que tu le vaut bien.


  4. PS: the new tag line puts my French tongue in a twist: I don’t think I can pronounce it. Not that I can truly pronounce the “th” of “worth” either, now that I think of it.


  5. Sorry, no photographic evidence but if memory serves me right, the ‘The Sun’ did a very tasteful and artistic couple of pages. (It may have been just before ‘Russia invades Ukraine’.)

    I myself, in the interests of research, replayed it three times in order to establish whether or not a body double had been used.

    In the end, however, I concluded that it was of little consequence.

    Again, apologies: tone, lowered.


  6. I’ve decided that “Avuncular Musings” does not go well with being “argumentative”, so I have changed the tag-line yet again.


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