More utter nonsense

Some time back, I put up on this blog a translation I made from Bengali of a nonsense poem by Sukumar Ray, from his collection Abol Tabol. I am, as I explained, very attached to these poems, partly for reasons of nostalgia, and also because I think they’re rather good. So I decided to have a go at another one. And here it is.
(The illustration below is by Sukumar Ray also.)

Do not fear, oh do not fear,
There’s no cause for alarm,
Even if I tried, I swear,
I couldn’t do you harm.
Eat you up? Of course I won’t!
I’m gentle, soft, and kind –
Why, bless my soul! Nothing could be
Further from my mind.
Maybe it’s my gleaming horns
That fill you so with dread,
But I’m so mild, I’d never gore
Anybody dead!
Come with me, come to our den,
And we will see you right,
We’ll pamper you, look after you,
We’ll spoil you day and night!
This cudgel here that’s in my hand,
Is this what scares you so?
Please don’t be scared! This cudgel is
Very light, you know!
You’re not list’ning. Something wrong?
You’ve nought to fear, I said!
You’ll come to your senses once
I sit upon your head!
There’s me, my wife, nine kids in tow,
You don’t stand a chance!
We’ll all bite, if you insist
On such a song and dance!

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