These are the posts I wrote on this blog on Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, during a reading of it in 2012:

On re-reading “Anna Karenina

“All happy families are alike…”: some thoughts half way through “Anna Karenina”

“Darya Oblonskaya” by Leo Tolstoy

Approaching the end of “Anna Karenina”

Happy Families, unhappy families: the two strands of “Anna Karenina”

The conclusion of “Anna Karenina”

On joy a scene from “Anna Karenina”

Tolstoy’s “Confession”

Tolstoy’s darkening vision

A Damp Squib and a Thing of Wonder to start the New Year 

“A Christmas Carol”, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky. And a bit of Henry James.

Synopses of Tolstoy’s War and Peace may be found by clicking on the following links:

Book 1, Part 1

Book 1, Part 2

Book 1, Part 3

Book 2, Part 1

Book 2, Part 2

Book 2, Part 3

Book 2, Part 4

Book 2, Part 5

Book 3, Part 1

Book 3, Part 2

Book 3, Part 3

Book 4, Part 1

Book 4, Part 2

Book 4, Part 3

Book 4, Part 4

Epilogue, Part 1

Epilogue, Part 2

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