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The Argumentative Old Git is unwell

I know I sometimes have fairly long periods of inactivity on this blog, but none has been longer, I think, than the hiatus between my last post and this. Fact is, as the title of this post indicates, I have not been well. Well, it’s no secret, so I might as well spit it out … Two weeks ago I had a heart attack, and have since undergone open-heart surgery. I am now back home recuperating, but, as yet, am in no state, mentally or physically, to write new posts.

This is not the end of the blog. I am told I am recovering well, and that my current state of physical exhaustion and of mental torpor should not last too long. As and when I become better, I shall of course return to blogging. Till then, there’ll be no new posts, no responses to comments, nor replies to individual e-mails (of which I know there are some residing in my inbox).

My time will be spent in napping, in taking brief walks round the house, and in silent gratitude to those whose skill and care have saved my life.

Speak to you all later.